What becomes of an experience after it happens? Does it vanish into nothing? Or does it, like our bodies, return to the earth, the water, and the air that we breathe?

I HAVE BROUGHT YOU SOMETHING gives my experiences substance through the audible, the visible, and the tangible.

This page holds 101 consecutive days' worth of unrehearsed stories from my life and spontaneous hand-embroidered responses. This daily practice awakened memories and raised my awareness of the nature of hand work, growth, shared experience, and performance.

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300 faces   You guys were cute until I realized how greatly you outnumbered me.

300 faces

You guys were cute until I realized how greatly you outnumbered me.

4-wheel SAVE

Delivered from the storm


Not quite ready for this role reversal


You've seen them on TV, and this is not one.

aWKwArD corsage

Hell might be an 8th grade prom that never ends.


There might be a good reason for some of those rules.

blankets bottles and a BIOHAZARD

Please don't make me tell you what's in the suitcase.


Public transportation makes me feel so cool.


You didn't look the part, but you gave us what we needed

clean pants Russian

A triumphant performance, against the odds

BE with ME

Being scared is fun when we are together

BEAUTY in the setting SUN

Taking a mental picture that I can keep forever

BeEr caN RagE

Totally out of character and frightening. Also kind of funny.

Christmas sadly wasted

A holiday not alone but lonely

ching cha-ching SMASH

Some people should consider being a little less spontaneous.

chocolate drool


cOwaRd's kiss

Better to embrace your own weak character than to have your face rearranged

dah no nah?

First I have to get this plank out

Don't bite my brother!

I'll make you howl and wish you had been born a cat.

down in the muck

Fishing isn't always fun, especially if you're the one being fished.

drag drop despair

I'm not good at envisioning what happens on the other end.

driving in the DESERT

This is not the time to be a cautious driver.


The bad girls saw right through me, but they were nice to me anyway.

fearsome quiet

You have absolutely nothing to say, and you're scaring us.

fire sitter

Was everything okay? Did the kids behave? Set any fires?

first laugh together

We're both relieved to discover that the other has a sense of humor.

get away f*@#er!

He is surprised to learn that Mommy knows that word.

god in flames

Sometimes a bug is just a bug.

Grammie helps me remember

She's patient with me even now.

Group consent

Sharing the decision and the joy

handsome in the stairs

Why do the cute ones have to show up just as I'm leaving?

he is asleep

Maybe if you got more of that yourself, you wouldn't be such a wreck.

He sticks in our throats

We want to enjoy him, but we can't.

He talks a lot

You say that as if it were a bad thing.

Her own way out

She is very sweet and she does exactly what she wants to do.

hold on to the joy of the moment

You are a hero of love.

I do not miss them at ALL

And I'm too exhausted to make any sense.

I have brought you something.

Perfect grammar at the wrong time.

I really DON'T have to clean that UP

The first good news of the day

i think JAPAN hates me

I had to find out sometime.

I watched him go

He left even though we all were asking him to stay.

I'll return if I go 10,000 miles

If I have to choose between love and good sense, I always choose love.

irony deficiency

I can't be anything but my painfully sincere self.

jump FREE!

Jumping on a trampoline is freeing, and jumping for joy is free. Jump free of the pointless chains you've created for yourself.

Just get the nail OUT

It sounds awful, but you'll feel better afterward.

just ONE month

It's a good thing we don't take you too seriously.

KEEP the mittens

I will miss them, but I hope they warm you in every way.

Lavender donut

One of the most delicious things I've ever tasted.

letter burn

Before you set a fire, it's good to know what will be left in ashes when the flames go out.

like I can sing   Sometimes your biggest fan is not your most articulate.

like I can sing

Sometimes your biggest fan is not your most articulate.

lost cathedral

I did my best, but I wasn't used to speaking up for myself.


It insisted on being ours.

Millwork ain't easy

I earned the right to make this music. Just me and my machine.

MOON over battery PARK

A perfect evening in relief

neighbor LOVE

We are so fortunate to live side by side in peace


Unless you can see the inside of my mind

Not in the cab I PROMISE

I'm having a baby, but not this very second.

nude dune

Dude, don't talk to the nude in the dune--that's rude.

Passport FROM Adventure

The process was more exciting than the product.

Please proffer my beloved a tissue that we may be wed.

One swipe and I will make my vows.

pre chewed

It was a good move to be late to breakfast

Relax follow

Giving up control can be fun

SCREAM defense

I did everything right until the chasing part

shun ghosts

Except beloved spirits bringing important messages. Those other ghosts don't really know you and you don't need to be part of their club.

sick alone

When you don't feel well sometimes you just want someone to take care of you.


Human senses are an untapped wonder.


So why didn't I think of it?

singing crying not leaving

You have no right to treat me like a child, so I will punish you by behaving like one.


And I want exact change.

slide noose

If they hadn't been there, the story might have had a different ending.

Snake Story

I am supposed to go on living.

snow prints together

There is nothing better in this world than feeling safe, understood, and loved.

sorry for being afraid of you

I had good reasons, but it was not kind.

stop you're breaking my heart

Your heart is open and generous.


How come I'm the one left looking like an idiot?

sweet soft feather death

If I have to die, this is a great way to go.

tears reveal

I'm embarrassed, but we seem to be communicating.

thankful for the time

It would not be the same without you.

that's what the $10 was for

The right money at the right time


That is what they call it, right?


The start of a sleepless night

this time she chose us

How did we get so lucky?

too big for your britches

Some people should never be allowed in a classroom

trembling BEFORE the 8th grade

A strange and frightening punishment

Trust & tell me

If you tell me what's bothering you, things will be easier between us.


Maybe our presence helped change the outcome.

turn your love around

Now you are walking toward you.

VISUALIZE My mind can guide my body through

It feels like a miracle

vomiting but still here

A fun time taken to the extreme

wander off home

Just enough adventure

Was it a real rock?

My memory says it wasn't.

we've met. Let's leave it at that.

A very bad first impression

weep for baby

Of course she is still crying. How could she ever stop?

Where are the ponies?

An encounter with wildlife, but not the kind I imagined

wired & hurt

I will never be more than a tourist here.

Wolf Whistle

They made a fool of me and I liked it.

yapping & laughing

Everything fell apart, but God didn't seem to mind.

YOU almost blew it for me

But you helped make my decision easier.

you'll be okay in the airport honey

It's really not that bad.

you'll help me find it

You've found things more lost than this for me.

YOU'RE WRONG so shh.

This time it's not cultural.